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iheartstarcraft's Journal

Women Who Love StarCraft!
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Hey! We have our own battle.net chat channel! Come hang out with us in iheartstarcraft!

Welcome to I ♥ StarCraft! Although this community was created with female gamers in mind, membership is open to everyone. Please read the rules below before joining:

1. Please be courteous. No trolling, flame-baiting, or offensive language (this includes sexist, racist, homophobic, and ableist language). Also, and this is VERY important, PLEASE do not throw the word "rape" around casually. Just don't do it. If another member finds your language offensive, just apologize and take care not to repeat the mistake again.

2. Icons used to post here must be safe for work.

3. Make sure that your post contains more than just one line or just a screenshot. Try to encourage discussion with your entries!

4. No posting anything related to violating Blizzard's TOS. Any post that breaks this rule will be deleted. Use common sense!

5. Posts must be related to StarCraft. Go ahead and share replays, post about tournaments, ask questions, show us your fanart and fanfic!

6. Use an LJ-Cut for especially long posts or large screenshots. Also, please warn for spoilers related to the campaign! I'm not sure if everyone has finished it yet, but we will give it a year or so before lifting this rule. Thanks!

7. While we're on the subject of spoilers, do not spoil the results of tournament games/showmatches/series/whatever! Put it under a cut, or in the title of your comment, or do that thing where you have to highlight the text to read it. Whatever it is, just make sure you don't spoil results!

8. Don't delete posts or screen comments.

9. If you have any concerns or need to contact me, please send me a PM through LiveJournal.

10. gl hf gg!

Rules are subject to change to fit the community's needs.

Affiliated Communities

Useful Links
Team Liquid - TL's official site

Evil Geniuses - EG's official site

North American Star League - NASL official site

day[9] TV - Ex-pro BW player and SC commentator extraordinaire [YouTube channel | Archives]

GOMtv's Official Site - Home of the GSL

GosuGamers StarCraft - News from the pro gaming world

ESL Female Gaming - Tournaments and events run for women gamers

Liquipedia - Team Liquid's Official Wiki, lots of good information here!

StarCraft Wiki

If you have any suggestions for more sites to add to this section, let me know!